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Razor E200 – Electric Scooter

The Razor kids electric scooter comes with a variety of design models. Such as sit-down models such as Razor E300 and E500 type. Another model is the E200 scooters with a stand-up model that can make your child or yourself more fun and challenging if driving. You can enjoy the joy of skating on the quiet highway, enjoying the natural scenery while standing with speed.

The model of razor e200 is a safe toy for your children, this toy is considered an environmentally friendly and harmless toy in our environment. Has an adjustable handle bar height according to the rider, its speed up to 12 miles per hour is quite safe if driven by a child and also not too slow to boost adrenaline.

Compared to gas power or other fuel scooters, razor e200 electric scooter uses 100% electric battery. You can recharge the battery before using it. This advanced electric battery does not emit the toxic fumes and emissions that you get from a gas powered scooter. You can feel good about purchasing this type of toy and know that it is not contributing to the world’s air pollution concern.

With a battery capacity of 45 minutes for each battery. Very suitable for your children aged 12 years and over, visiting their friends who are in a small alley around the corner of the store. Well .. very good for your child. But do not forget to use security equipment